Ohio Processing and Recycling provides a thorough and convenient grease trap cleaning service for your needs, no matter how big, how small, or where your grease trap or grease interceptor is located.

Our personal fleet of pump trucks and pump tanks allow us to serve any size grease trap with ease and precision, as our equipment is quiet, small enough to fit through a standard doorway, and light enough to carry up a flight of stairs. We have friendly, skilled grease trap cleaning technicians who are trained and waiting to thoroughly clean out, remove, and recycle all grease, wastewater, and solid material from your grease trap system – get your grease traps and interceptors ready to take on the jobs you give them!

OPR is a licensed collector through both the Ohio Department of Agriculture and the United States Department of Agriculture, so you can rest assured that your grease traps and grease interceptors will remain in compliance with local and state laws in addition to keeping them clean and functional! We offer sustainable and environmentally friendly grease trap cleaning in and around the Columbus Metro area as well as the surrounding counties, including Fairfield, Delaware, Licking, Madison, Pickaway and Union.

Why Do I Need My Grease Traps Cleaned?

  1. There are both local and federal laws that require regular cleaning of grease traps. Columbus, OH requires a cleaning once a calendar quarter or before exceeding 25% capacity – whichever comes first – but you should always check with your local health department in case your local laws require more frequent cleanings.
  2. These requirements exist in an effort to keep fats, oils, and grease, also known as FOG, out of the sanitary sewer system for environmental and public health reasons.
  3. Regular maintenance of your equipment ensures that all components of your grease system are present and in good working condition. Any potential issues can be detected early, which can keep your sewer system from potentially backing up, incurring costly repairs fees, causing closures, and driving customers out of your restaurant or other business in the hospitality industry.

Keep your grease traps free of FOG, your systems working at their best, and the environment free from runoff. Contact us today!

Ohio Processing and Recycling is a company based in Columbus, OH that provides services like Grease Trap Cleaning, Wastewater Transportation, and Used Oil Collection to the surrounding counties and states.

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